About J&L Contractors

J&L Contractors was founded in 1981 by J.E. Evans and concentrated on residential and multi-family construction. The company's original purpose was to help Evans Realty (a property management firm and parent company) provide both J.E. Evans and other owners with a single source that was capable of handling their development, construction and management needs.

In 1994 Jeff Evans returned to Auburn to help continue the growth of the family businesses and expand the scope of its construction services for a growing customer base. Since that time J&L Contractors has specialized in the construction of office buildings, industrial / institutional buildings, rehabilitation of older properties as well as residential and multi-family construction.

Driven by the company's original purpose, we believe that every single job should be pursued as if we were the contractor, manager and owner. For our clients, this translates into a quality project at the best possible price.